Adobe Campaign


Early Neolane Days of Adobe Campaign

Jayan Kandathil

First published

Campaign became an Adobe product after its Paris-based owner (the French company Neolane) was acquired by Adobe in July 2013 for USD $600 million. It has since become the [multi-channel marketing hub] (B2C) offering of the [Adobe Experience Cloud]. The other two Adobe clouds are the Creative Cloud and the Document Cloud.

Below are some resources still available on the Internet from the pre-Adobe days:

Here is a video created by Adobe after the acquisition as part of its "Do you know what your marketing is upto" advertising campaign. Also, an Adobe video that humorously tries to explain what Adobe Campaign actually does.

Campaign comes in two MAJOR versions - [Adobe Campaign Classic] (ACC) and the newer [Adobe Campaign Standard] (ACS). While ACC is available for customers to host on-premise, ACS is available only as a managed service from Adobe, with infrastructure hosted on Adobe's private cloud, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Also, ACS features are (currently) only a subset of ACC features.

ACC supports multiple databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL) but ACS only supports PostgreSQL.

In ACC, marketing users interact with Campaign using a thick client (Windows only) while in ACS, they do so via a browser application (any OS).

While ACC supports Windows as well as Linux, ACS is supported only on Linux (Debian and CentOS).

Here is a video about ACS. Adobe has a YouTube channel for Campaign-related videos here that includes more than 25 customer endorsements