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It is a collection of .html text files in an AWS S3 bucket, fronted by AWS CloudFront, Amazon's content delivery network (CDN). If you have comments, please e-mail me in the pattern my first name @ my lastname .ca

Internet Presence

Microsoft Azure

  1. Microsoft Azure Network Throughput

PowerShell scripting

  1. Using PowerShell with AWS


  1. Notes on Java's new zGC Garbage Collector
  2. Garbage Collection Logging in Java 11
  3. Configuring G1GC Garbage Collector for AEM


  1. Useful CentOS 7.n Commands
  2. How to Determine Ping Latency when ICMP is Blocked

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

  1. Frequently Used AEM 6.5 URLs

AEM FORMS (formerly Adobe LiveCycle)

  1. Things to Note When Configuring AEM FORMS PDF Generator
  2. 32-bit Linux Libraries Required by AEM FORMS

Adobe Campaign

  1. Early Neolane Days of Adobe Campaign
  2. A Short History of E-Mail
  3. EMail Headers Used by SparkPost
  4. EMail Headers Used by Microsoft Exchange (Office 365)

Book Summaries

  1. The IndiGo Story

Long-Distance Trains

  1. Canada's Via Rail and its train The Canadian


  1. Air Canada's Bait-and-Switch Tactics

Broadband Internet

  1. Fibre to The Home (FTTH) broadband Internet by Asianet in southern India

Residential Roof-Based Solar Power Generation